Graphite Crucible & Stopper – Important Tools for Gold Smelting & Casting

  • High purity, good thermal conductivity.
  • Corrosion resistance and strong oxidization resistance.
  • High Strength and stable quality.
3 sets of graphite crucible & stopper are placed on the desk.

Graphite crucible & stopper are made of high purity graphite materials. Of which, graphite crucible is a vessel used for smelting precious metals, as well as casting and refining purposes. It is mainly used to smelt copper, brass, gold, silver, zinc, lead and other non-ferrous metals and their alloys. In the process of smelting gold in a crucible, the stopper can be used to control the opening and closing of the hole as well as the flow of molten liquids.

Crucible & stopper are important tools used in the process of gold smelting and casting. These tools can precisely control the smelting and casting processes to ensure that the gold is melted to the desired consistency and cast into the desired shapes.

  • High purity graphite. 99.9% high purity graphite crucible, high density, fine and luster surface, and the crucible is not easy to be doped with impurities during the smelting process.
  • Great thermal conductivity. It heats fast and can greatly shorten the melting time and save energy.
  • Stable quality. It can be used normally even at high temperatures of 1800 °C, and can be used at high temperatures for a long time.
  • Stable performance. It can maintain stability even in strong acid and alkali environments, and is not easy to be corroded and oxidized.
  • Wide range of applications. It is widely used in the smelting of non-ferrous metals such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum, and lead.
Table 1: Specifications of Graphite Crucible & Stopper
Product Model Name Model Size (mm) Hole Diameter (mm) Weight (g)
VPC-063 Crucible V0016 φ74 × H106 7
Stopper V003S φ13.5 × H163 7
VPC-066 Crucible V0030 φ74 × H136 7 455
Crucible (inclined) V003X φ74 × H136 7
Stopper V003S φ13.5 × H136 5 34
VC-400 Crucible V0100 φ68 × H120 8 465
Stopper V010S φ12 × H175 38
VC-600 Crucible V0090 φ78 × H120 6 650
Crucible V0010 φ78 × H120 8 660
Stopper V001S φ12 × H180 36
YK-2E/T17 Crucible K0010 φ70 × H128 8 270
Coated crucible K0010-10 φ70 × H128 10 270
Crucible K001T φ70 × H128 8 270
Stopper K001S φ23.5 × H152 7 40
YL-003 Crucible K0020 φ63 × H73 8 210
Stopper K002S φ21.5 × H133 6.5 35
TC-030 Crucible T0030 φ77 × H120 5.5
Stopper T003S φ11 × H160
  • φ represents diameter and H stands for height.
  • 1 MPa = 10.2 kgf/cm2; 1 W/m.k = 0.86 kcal/cm.h.°C
  • These properties are typical values and not guaranteed.