Graphite Liner – Reduce the Wear & Noise of Equipment

  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion and low friction coefficient.
  • Good self-lubrication.
  • High thermal conductivity and thermal stability.
  • Good corrosion resistance.
A vertically placed graphite liner is displayed on the white background.

Graphite liners are parts and components used outside of mechanical parts to achieve the purpose of sealing and wear protection. Generally, they are rings that act as liners. For example, in valve applications, liners are used inside valve covers and are made of high purity graphite material for sealing purposes. We enhance the performance of graphite liners by impregnating them with resin or metal for better wear resistance and high temperature resistance properties.

Graphite liners can be used flexibly and can serve many purposes. In general, it is a component that protects equipment. The use of graphite liners can reduce the wear, vibration and noise of the equipment. Besides, it has excellent corrosion resistance and is convenient for repairing mechanical equipment, simplifying equipment structure and manufacturing process.

  • Good corrosion resistance. Graphite has good corrosion resistance and can be used in acids, bases, salts and other corrosive media for a long time.
  • Excellent high temperature resistance. Graphite maintains stable performance under high temperature conditions.
  • Outstanding sealing performance. Graphite liner has good sealing performance and can effectively prevent media leakage.
  • Good thermal conductivity. Graphite liner transfers heat quickly and helps to maintain the stable operation of the equipment.
Table 1: Specifications of Graphite Liner
Grade Density (g/cc) Porosity Shore Hardness Compressive Strength (Mpa) Flexural Strength (Mpa) CTE (×10-6°C-1) Max Working Temperature Application
M105K(Resin Impregnation Vanes) 1.8 2% 60 110 65 200 °C Carbon vanes
M106K(Resin Impregnation) 1.8 2% 65 180 60 4 200 °C Seal rings, bush
M106D(Antimony Impregnation) 2.3 3% 80 230 80 4 550 °C Seal rings, bush
M254A(Copper Impregnation) 2.4 2.5% 70 170 65 500 °C Seal rings, bush
  • 1 MPa = 10.2 kgf/cm2; 1 W/m.k = 0.86 kcal/cm.h.°C
  • These properties are typical values and not guaranteed.
Related Introduction: What's the Function of Graphite Liner?

The role of graphite bearing in practical applications is closely related to its working environment and purpose. In the field of valve applications, a liner is installed inside the valve cover to encircle the valve stem, thereby reducing valve leakage and achieving a sealing effect. In the field of bearing applications, the use of a liner can reduce the wear between the bearing and the axle seat, and prevent an increase in clearance between the shaft and the hole.