Graphite Electrode for Electrical Discharge Machining: Provide Reliable Solutions for High Precision Machining

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is an electrothermal method based on the thermal effect of electric current. Its principle is to take advantage of the electrocorrosion phenomenon between the electrode and the workpiece during pulse spark discharge, to remove excess metal and meet the machining requirements of corresponding parts on size, shape, and surface quality.

In electrical discharge machining, graphite materials have high strength, high temperature resistance, high electrical conductivity, high corrosion resistance, and excellent thermal shock resistance, and can be used for stable discharge machining. Therefore, they are widely used as electrode materials for manufacturing high-precision parts.

Graphite electrode is conducting electrical discharge machining on the material.
Application of Graphite Electrodes in EDM

Electrodes made of graphite materials can be used to machine various hard, brittle, and high-melting conductive materials, especially suitable for processing special and complex shaped surfaces, such as injection molds, die-casting molds, and other cavity molds.

Advantages of Graphite Electrodes in EDM
  • High strength & high temperature resistance. It can withstand high energy discharge process without deformation or damage.
  • Good electrical conductivity. It can effectively conduct current and achieve a stable discharge process.
  • Good corrosion resistance. It can maintain stable performance for a long time during the discharge process and extend the service life of the electrode.
  • Outstanding machining property. Compared with metal, it only takes 1/3–1/10 times of period to process the graphite into electrode.
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance. It can maintain stable performance under high temperature and high pressure environments and improve the machining efficiency.

In the future, with continuous technological innovation and development, graphite will be more widely used in EDM and provide more reliable solutions for high precision machining.