SIC Coated Graphite Tray – Ultra High Purity & Wear Resistant

  • High purity, good wear resistance
  • High electrical & thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance.
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance and good machinability.
  • Can be used in oxidizing atmospheres.
A SIC coated graphite tray at a light color background.

SIC coated graphite trays are generally made of high purity graphite as the matrix, and provide SIC coating with extremely high purity and theoretical density through CVD (chemical vapor deposition). The CVD SIC coating is very hard, and can be polished to a mirror-like surface. Besides, it has ultra-high purity and extremely high wear resistance. As the coated products have excellent performance in high vacuum and high temperature environments, so SIC coated graphite trays are very suitable for the semiconductor industry and other ultra-clean environments. They are mainly used as a substrate in the process of forming epitaxial layers on semiconductor wafers.

  • Ultra-high purity
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Excellent physical impact resistance
  • Machinability for complex shapes
  • Excellent chemical stability
  • Can be used in oxidizing atmospheres.
Table 1: Specifications of SIC Coated Graphite Tray
Projects Parameter
Apparent Density 1.85 g/cm3
Electrical Resistivity 11 μΩm
Flexural Strenth 49 MPa (500 kgf/cm2)
Shore Hardness 58
Ash < 5 ppm
Thermal Conductivity 100 kcal/cm.h.°C
  • 1 MPa = 10.2 kgf/cm2; 1 W/m.k = 0.86 kcal/cm.h.°C
  • These properties are typical values and not guaranteed.
Application Introduction: SIC Coated Graphite Tray

The SIC coated graphite tray is used as a base for fixing and heating semiconductor wafers during heat treatment. Energy can be absorbed and heat the chip through induction, conduction, or radiation, and its thermal shock resistance, thermal conductivity, and purity are essential for rapid thermal processing (RTP). In the silicon epitaxy process, the wafer is carried on a base, and the performance and quality of the base have a crucial effect on the quality of the wafer epitaxial layer.

The structure of SIC coated graphite tray application device