Welcome to Pay A Visit to Xuran Factory

Here, you can explore our factory, know more about our advanced production processes, technologies and diversified graphite products inventory. We have state-of-the-art production equipment, machining center and fine machining equipment to meet the needs of various graphite products and ensure the quality and accuracy of graphite products. Regardless of standard products or custom products, we can always meet your demands at first time and provide you with customized solutions. Please feel free to contact us at any time, we're looking forward to establish a long-term cooperation with all our customers.

Our Strength
Large furnaces for graphite roasting.

Graphite roasting furnaces

Many graphite machining centers are placed in the workshop.

Graphite products machining centers

Many graphite products are placed in the factory yard.

Graphite columns & pre-carbonized crucible covers

Many graphite blocks and crucibles are placed in the factory yard.

Graphite blocks & pre-carbonized crucibles

Production & Processing
The extruded graphite column is cooled by cooling water.

Graphite column extrusion & cooling

The machine is processing the graphite column.

Small graphite column making

The machine is cutting the graphite plate into desired size.

Graphite plate cutting

The machine is cutting the graphite rod into desired size.

Graphite rod cutting

The equipment is processing the graphite column.

Graphite rod drilling holes

The equipment is polishing the graphite block.

Graphite column surface polishing

The machine is cutting the graphite block into desired shapes.

Graphite mold manufacturing

The machine is polishing the inner wall of graphite crucible.

Pre-carbonized graphite crucible polishing