Quality Control Ensures Excellent Product Quality & Stability

Product quality is the lifeline of enterprises, and quality control is an important means to ensure the quality consistency and stability of products We have a complete set of quality control and production system. From raw material purchase to product production, we strictly follow the ISO 9001 quality management system for management and control, to ensure the quality and stability of our products and win the trust of our customers. Strict product factory inspection and timely tracking throughout transportation allow us to provide our customers with high quality, accurate, convenient, and fast services.

A pile of graphite powder is placed on a flat surface.
Quality Inspection

All our raw materials for graphite products are selected from certified suppliers. After coming into our factory, our OC inspector will test on these raw materials to ensure they can reach and even exceed quality standards and requirements.

The mechanical equipment is conducting graphite product processing.
Production Monitoring

In the production process of graphite products, standardized operations, process control and equipment maintenance are used to ensure the stability and controllability of the production process. When the production is completed, we will conduct comprehensive inspections on finished products to ensure that their quality meets relevant standards and customer requirements.

Product Inspection

We have a series of product testing equipment, including sulfur analyzers, pressure testers, thermal expansion coefficient testers, dynamic elastic modulus testers, image measuring instruments, and precision measuring instruments. These instruments can help us effectively measure the machining accuracy and performance parameters of our products to ensure the stability of our product quality and performance that meets our customers' needs.

The mechanical equipment is processing the graphite product.

Accuracy measurement

Graphite product thermal expansion coefficient tester is placed next to the window.

Thermal expansion coefficient inspection

Graphite product elastic modulus tester is placed on the desk.

Elastic modulus inspection

The image measuring instrument is working.

Image measurement

Graphite product sulfur content tester is placed on the desk.

Sulfur content inspection

Graphite products are placed separately to prevent collision.
Tight Package

Our graphite parts are usually packaged in wooden cases with a built-in flexible cushioning layer to prevent damage during transportation. For graphite powder products, we generally use kraft paper bags or plastic woven bags for packaging. In addition, for purified graphite products, we will use vacuum bags to prevent external environmental influences and contamination.

The worker is tracking the order information on the phone.
Logistic Management

We have an efficient and stable logistics management system and can provide flexible logistics solutions and services for our customers. We offer real-time order tracking services to keep our customers informed about the status of their shipments at all times. We also record and backup all inspection data to ensure that all data can be traced to its source.